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Strings and Other Accessories

Below are examples of the stock I carry. I also have dozens of odd sets of string so please feel free to ask if your favourite isn’t listed – I may actually have it! If your string of choice isn’t listed below then I can order it in for you. New strings are constantly being tested and reviewed so the stock list is constantly evolving. My testers and I have tried many strings and listed below are the best of the best that we’ve tried. If you’d like to offer an opinion or recommend a string for us then please get in touch! For more extensive reviews on all these strings go to  or

Grips, Over grips and dampeners

Babolat Dampener – £2

Babolat – Syntec uptake (Full grip) £6

Babolat VS Feel over grip – £4

Head Xtreme Soft over grip – £3

Head Hydrosorb Pro grip £8

Karakal PU Super Grip (Great for badminton) – £3

Luxilon Elite Dry – Known for their high performance strings, try their over grip too. – £3

Prince Resi Pro over grip – £3

Tecnifibre Contact Pro over grip – £3

Tecnifibre Squash grip – £5

Wilson Pro Over grip – £3

Wilson Sublime (Full grip) £8

Yonex Hi Soft Grap (Full grip best suited for badminton) – £3

Yonex Over grip – £3

The prices above include the fitting of the grips, however I reserve the right to decline to do this if the previous grip is extremely degraded.

Yonex BG80 – If you like a high tension (over 25lbs) in your racket this is one of the few that can take it. Tends to break quickly if you mishit regularly. £20

Yonex BG80 Power  – A softer feel to the regular BG80. As the name suggests it offers more power so better for smashes. £22.

Yonex BG3 – Yonex’s budget option if you’re a casual player. £16

Yonex BG Aero Bite – Yonex’s premier hybrid. £23

Yonex BG65 – Slightly more user friendly than the BG80 as it’s a soft feeling string. £20.

Yonex BG65 Titanium – More durable than the regular BG65 but with a harder feeling. My best selling badminton string with BG66.£22

Yonex BG66 Ultimax – Medium feeling string and massively popular. £22.

Yonex Exbolt 65 – New out in 2022. Very durable and fantastic tension retention – this will still feel freshly strung for a long time. Great control oriented string. £22.

Yonex nanogy 98 – Another medium feeling string and has the highest repulsion power in the Yonex range. Amazing for high and defensive shots. £22.

Ashaway Zymax 68 – Excellent alternative to the Yonex range. £20.

Victor VBS – 68 – This is a stiff string but not as stiff as BG80. Great tension maintenance. Recommended. £22.

Squash Strings

Ashaway Supernick XL – This is my biggest selling string and is renowned across the globe. Highly recommended. £26

Supernick ZX – Slightly more favourable to the touch player than XL £26.

Ultranick – Not as textured as the Supernicks so has a slightly crisper feel to it. As used by England’s number 1 Patrick Rooney. £26.

Oblivion Hybrid – The perfect combination of power and feel is this premier string. Expensive but worth it! £30.

Dunlop Silk – Great option for the casual player. £18

Prince Lightning XX – Great multifilament from Prince. £18.

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut – Cheaper option to the Ashaway but still a very high performing string. Slightly thinner so less durable. £18

Tecnifibre 305  – Widely used by professionals. £26

Dynamix – Great for power and used by current World number 1 Mohamed El Shorbagy £28

Racquetball Strings

Ashaway Superkill – Very popular among players of all levels, outstanding multifilament. £27

Head Megablast: One of the few stand alone racquetball strings on the market – £24.

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex – A hugely popular tennis string that can also be used for racquetball. £22.



RPM Blast – My biggest selling string and the string of choice of Mr Nadal. Pretty durable and excellent tension retention. Available in 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauge. £24

RPM Power – More pop off the stringbed than the Blast.£24.

RPM Rough – Similar to Blast but with even more access to spin and great control. £24

SG SpiralTek –Very popular multifilament. £22

Synthetic Gut – Pretty good for the crosses in a hybrid. £18

Xcel – Very close in many ways to natural gut. Babolat’s premier multifilament. £28


Black Widow – Great access to spin due to its multi-sided design and very comfortable also. Best for spin on the market. £22

Explosive Spin – Fantastic all round poly.£24

Explosive Speed – Powerful, soft feel.£24


Sonic Pro EdgeA fabulous all round string – ideal if you’re thinking of changing from synthetic gut to poly. – £22

Lynx – Very impressive offering from Head, this string appeals to a wide variety of players who are progressing to a higher level. Access to loads of spin and above average tension maintenance for a soft poly. – £22.

RIP Control – Very popular multifilament due to it’s durability, spin potential and comfort. £24

Lynx Tour – Great feel, good tension maintenance and control but this offers exceptional spin too. £24

Hawk – HEAD’s most popular poly. £26

Hawk Rough – The rough version of HEAD’s most popular polyester. £24.

Hawk Touch – One of the best for helping with control. £26

Hawk Power – The latest string from Head.£26

Velocity MLT – One of the most popular multifilaments. Great as a hybrid or in a full bed. £20


Adrenaline: Good control but still a lively poly and comfortable on the arm too. £24.

Element – The best string for players transitioning from a multifilament or synthetic gut to a poly. Outstanding durability and ticks every single box going. Highly recommended. £30

Element Soft IR – Aimed specifically at young performance players who are advancing away from multifilaments. This was the best string to come out in 2023.£30.

ALU Power Eco – Want to reduce your carbon footprint? This is the first and so far only string to be made from recycled materials.£30.

ALU Power Ice Blue – Blue version from this popular range.£30

ALU Power  –  Widely used and popular on the pro tour with, amongst others Djokovic and Andy Murray both using it in their set ups. Available in both 1.25mm and 1.30mm. £28

ALU Power Soft – As the name suggests this is slightly softer than the massively popular original. Still stiffer than most other poly’s however so don’t be fooled by this! £28

ALU Power Rough – Now stocking this legendary string. Roger Federer uses this in his hybrid set up. – £28

ALU Power Vibe – The newest string from Luxilon and I didn’t hesitate to add it to the range. It feels like a multifilament but plays like a poly. Fabulous. £30.

4G Rough – Want more control but still need access to spin? This is what you need. Serena Williams uses this in a hybrid. £25.


Synthetic Gut with Duraflex – Prince claim this is the biggest selling string Worldwide. Very durable for a synthetic gut. Recommended. £20

Prince Tour Xtra Power – Perfect for more experienced players looking for a no frills poly. Great power. £22.


Hyper G – Very highly recommended polyester, widely used on the pro tour particularly amongst doubles players. Gives you plenty of spin and power. £24

Hyper G Soft – One of the best around at the moment. Hugely popular and lovely mix of feel and power. £24

Outlast – Outstanding durability from this string – I break a lot of strings when I play but this outlasted pretty much everything else I’ve tried and the performance didn’t dip either. – £24. 

Pro Stacked – Works really well with any poly in a hybrid, particularly the Solinco range and also in a full bed if you like synthetic guts. 1.30 gauge. £18.

Tour Bite – One of the best there is…very highly rated poly. £24

Tour Bite Soft –  This soft version of the popular Tour Bite is very easy on the arm without losing too much of the bite. £24

Confidential – The latest offering from Solinco and as usual it’s outstanding. Great tension maintenance. £24


Synthetic Gut – Good enough for a cross in a hybrid and underrated if used in a full bed. £18

Triax – Fairly new to the market but outstanding and fairly unique – 50% poly and 50% multifilament. Tecnifibre are well know for their softer strings and this one stands out from the rest. £26

Razor Code: Probably Tecnifibre’s most popular poly. £24

Razor Code Soft: Currently being used by Medvedev. £24


Sensation – My biggest selling multifilament. Recommended. £22

Revolve – Outstanding offering from Wilson. Fantastic all round string with great spin potential, durability and feel. Highly recommended. £22.

NXT – Widely regarded as the string closest to natural gut.£28.


Poly Tour Pro – The string of choice of Nick Kyrgios and despite being quite new to the market has built up a loyal following and is now one of my biggest sellers. Available in 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauge. £22

Poly Tour Spin – Need more spin than the Poly Tour Pro offers but still need the same comfort? Look no further. – £24.

Poly Tour Strike – Really solid poly…ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for control, tension maintenance and a stiff feel. Outstanding durability – £26.

Rexis – High level multifilament, perfect for junior players. Soft enough to help avoid arm problems but still plenty of access to spin. £24

Limited Stock, special offers or currently being tested:


Powernick – 1.05mm gauge ONLY £10 


RPM Soft – £24


Pro X Silver – £20

Solstice Power – £24


Alu Power Roland Garros – £30

Smart – £28

Savage – £26

Forest Green Element – £30

4G – £30

4G Desert Bronze – £30


Beast – £18

Lightning XX – £18

Synthetic gut with Duraflex Rainbow (Limited edition) £22

Warrior Response – £20


Vanquish (£18)

Barb Wire – £18

X – Natural – £18

Tour Bite Diamond Rough – £18


Black Code – £22


Poly Tour Tough – £22

Tour Super 850 – £18

Poly Tour Drive – £20

Dynawire – £20

Tour Super 850 Pro – £20


Ripspin £18

Revolve Twist £20

NXT Power – £28