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Racket Stringing in Leeds, Bradford and Ilkley

Chris Restring

Hi, Welcome to Restring In Leeds

Latest selection of rackets and high quality stringing service.

My name is Chris Harper and tennis and stringing rackets is my job and my hobby. I have been stringing for over 10 years and have built up relationships with many players, coaches and clubs in that time. I now run a pro shop based at Ilkley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club and as well as stringing rackets there we also have a full range of Wilson, Head and other rackets with plenty of accessories also available.


View and purchase and demo new tennis rackets from our quality premium selection from brands including Head and Wilson.


As well as having a large range of the latest rackets I also provide a stringing service in the club at Ilkley, my home in Roundhay and a drop off point at Heaton Tennis and Squash Club in Bradford. Also available are new grips and over grips, racket customising and tuning, increase grip sizes plus a whole host of other equipment and services.

Demo a Racket

At Ilkley I have access to the outdoor courts so you can try out any racket you want before committing to buy. If Ilkley is not convenient, these sessions are also available in Leeds. Prior to your on court session we’ll have a quick chat about which rackets might be most suitable to you so we can get the most out of the court time and hit as many balls as possible

Important Information

Due to my involvement on the stringing team for the Lexus Ilkley Trophy 2024, the shop and stringing service will be CLOSED between the 12th June and 24th June.

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